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Those going on a trip to California may not think about doing so for culinary reasons. Wine reasons, sure, but culinary, perhaps not so much. That's not to say that you won't find great food in California; you most certainly will; but most of us probably don't even know what type of food really is typically Californian. Is whatever you will eat in California going to be much the same as whatever you would eat in the rest of the United States? Well, sure, you'll probably find typically American restaurants in California, but that's not to say that the sunny state doesn't have its own trademark cuisine.

Let's get started first with the ingredients. There are certain things which grow in California which, of course, affect the dishes and restaurants which you will encounter. The avocado is one thing which is found growing in the state. In fact, California produces 90% of America's avocado crop. Figs, artichokes, persimmons and fresh dates are other fruits and vegetables which come out of California. In the northern coastal regions of the state you can find the harvesting of salmon, striped bass, Dungeness crabs and oysters.

Perhaps one of the few dishes which California has its name to is the sushi roll known as the 'California Roll' which, of course, has avocado as one of its ingredients. The American love of sushi may even have started in California as, being one of the U.S. states closest to Asia, Asian cuisine certainly has infiltrated that of California. Bubble tea, also known as Boba, is now popular in the state, and is a beverage which originated in Taiwan. One can also find Mochi Ice Cream, Mochi being a Japanese and Chinese rice cake.

Naturally, California is also very influenced by Mexico in its cuisine, as well as Central and South America in general. One can find typical restaurants from almost any country of Central or South America in California. And last but not least, California is often credited for being the birthplace of the raw food cuisine. For those who like to eat all their food uncooked, in California you will find it easy, with new raw food restaurants sprouting up every year.