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If there’s one thing that we all think of when speaking about California, it’s the word ‘beach’. With mile after mile of coastline, its no small wonder this state has such as rich choice of beaches. If there is nothing else you do during your visit to California, you absolutely have to spend some of your time lapping up the sun’s rays on one of the beaches, or swimming and enjoying water sports in the beach water. Here, we’ll list some of Cali’s best beaches.

Venice Beach in Los Angeles is famed for its street performers, abundance of beautiful people and artists. You can walk right to Santa Monica following the beach walkway. Manhattan Beach, also in Los Angeles is where you must go if you want to catch some waves. There are also professional and non-professional beach volleyball tournaments on this beach. It is the place to find upscale condos, fancy restaurants and swish bars.

Malibu Beach, in Malibu, is a lovely lagoon beach with 22 acres of wetlands and sandy beaches. It is known for its natural beauty and is also one of the world’s best places to go surfing. The wetlands area is a great place for bird watching, for those that are interested in nature. The widest sandy beach in Malibu is Zuma Beach; it is two miles long and a hundred yards wide. It is a great family beach, with clean waters and clean sand.

In Orange County, California, you will find Laguna Beach, which is now famous also for the reality TV show which was filmed there. Stretching over seven miles with various smaller beaches and lovely towns, these beaches are very popular choices. Capitola Village, in Santa Cruz, is the location of the oldest seaside resort in California. It is also the location of the beautiful Capitola Beach, which is a great place for activities and entertainment.

Finally, up north, there are the Humboldt County Beaches, which include many smaller beaches, all ruggedly beautiful. One of the beaches, Black Sands Beach, is a very interesting beach, not just because the sand is black but because you can go here to whale watch. The best option, for any tourist, would be to rent a car and just drive the entire coastline of California, as each beach is different and wonderful in its own way.