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Fresno Things to Do

The sixth largest city in California is the beautiful city of Fresno, which is located in the center of the huge Central Valley. Its name comes from the Spanish word for the White Ash Trees, which line the nearby San Joaquin River. Many tourists pass through this fun city, as anyone traveling to California should certainly do. It has a lot to offer, not least its attractive climate of mild winters and sunny, warm  summers. Fresno has even some big name residents or ex-residents such as the actor Sid Haig, the actor and director Aaron Ruell and the flamenco guitarist Juan Serrano. Now that we have hopefully persuaded you to visit the city of Fresno, we will give you a run down of our favorite things to do and see there.

Our absolute favorite thing to do in Fresno is to visit the amazing Forestiere Underground Gardens which were created by Baldasare Forestiere, an immigrant from Sicily. To escape the Californian heat, Forestiere created a series of underground passage-ways complete with plants and skylights. Amazingly, the man managed to create for himself a real underground get away, which included a parlor with a fireplace, both a summer and winter bedroom, a courtyard with pond, and even a kitchen. If you want to see something truly interesting, this spot has to be number one on your list.

The Fresno Metropolitan Museum of Art and Science is the largest museum between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and another must-see destination within Fresno. Since its launch in 1984, the museum has entertained and educated more than 2 million people with its many wonderful permanent and temporary exhibitions.

If you are a wine lover, you simply can't come to Fresno without exploring its many wonderful wineries. Try the Madera Vintners wineries, the Ramos Torres Winery, the Tivy Mountain Vintners, Los Californios,  Fresno State Winery and Milla Vineyards. Fresno County and the Central Valley have long been famed as the largest producers of Californian wines, so take time out on your trip to see one of the things that Fresno is really good at.

At the Fresno Island Water Park, the whole family can have a great time in the waters. Everyone can have a crazy and fun time in the park's many rides and attractions such as Copacabana Cove, Acapulco Dive, Cozumel Cliff, and the Island Express Kiddie Train. There are also restaurants and bars within the complex as well as Mini Golf and Go Karts.

This is just a brief run down of some of the things you can do in Fresno, but in reality, the list is endless.