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RiversideRiverside, with a population of just under 300,000, is the county seat of Riverside County, in the State of California. The name, Riverside, stems from the fact that the city is situated very near to the Santa Ana river. The city has great racial diversity, with a make-up of Caucasian, Hispanic, African-American, Native-American, Asian, and in fact, many other cultures also.

Riverside is known for it’s rich citrus industry. In the late 1800’s, the first orange trees were planted, but Riverside’s true ‘orange fame’ can be attributed to the beautifully fresh ‘navel orange’. The naval orange is a Brazilian import, which does not produce seeds. As the story goes, Eliza Tibbets, a resident of Riverside at the time, received two naval orange trees from a friend. The trees were seen to thrive in the Mediterranean climate of Riverside, and just a few years later, there were more than a quarter of a million orange trees in Riverside alone, and approximately a half a million in all of California.

Riverside has many famous and interesting landmarks; the Historic Riverside County Courthouse, the Mission Inn and the Fox theater, which is where the very first showing of ‘Gone with the Wind’ was played. The Mission Inn was a small guest hotel designed in the popular Mission Revival style, known as the Glenwood Tavern, eventually grew to become the world famous Mission Inn, much loved by the rich and the famous. Inside the building was placed a special seat made for the rather ‘out-sized’ President Taft. Promotion of the area has attracted many throughout the years, offering the luscious images of Mediterranean orange trees, wealthy homes and general well-being. Many European investors settled here, the remnants of their existence living on in the magnificent buildings in which they lived, on Victoria Avenue.

Riverside Mission InnWithin Riverside, available for the enjoyment of all are three significant mountains; Box Springs Mountain, Evans (Jurupa) Hill and Tecolote Hill; all of which are preserved and protected. In further pursuit of nature, one can travel due South of Riverside and encounter Lake Mathews. Next to the Santa Ana River, there is also the well-known landmark, Rubidium Mountain, which is one of the most noticeable landmark in the downtown area. This mountain is the dividing line between the town of Rubidium and the City of Riverside.

Notable residents of Riverside include; Amy Lee, Kellie Martin, Eric Show and J.F. Lawton.

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