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Known best for its giant white letters on a hill and its hoards of wanna-be actors working as waiters and waitresses, Hollywood is known all over the world. It’s the place where many a wonderful movie has been made (as well as many awful ones) and apparently, also the place to glimpse a celebrity just walking around, acting normal. But of course, there’s more to it than all of that. What else can we say about Hollywood? Let’s see…

Hollywood is a district in the northwest of downtown Los Angeles, California. In 1853, the dream world which we now know as Hollywood was just another stretch of land on which stood not much more than an adobe, a building which is made of natural materials. Twenty years later and the area had turned into a small agricultural community. The name ‘Hollywood’ is thought to have come from the masses of ‘California Holly’ which flourished in the area, though no one is quite sure. The story of how the name came about, as well as where it came from, is also unsure, but it is believed to have been given by the ‘Father of Hollywood’, H. J. Whitley. Apparently, he and his wife came up with the name when on their honeymoon in the area.

Fast-forward another thirty years, and Hollywood is now a small community all kitted out with a post-office, its own newspaper, hotel and two markets, and a population of 500 residents. It was connected by L.A. by a streetcar line, which ran infrequently. In 1902, the Father of Hollywood opened up the first major hotel in Hollywood, imaginatively called the Hollywood Hotel, and one year later, Hollywood was incorporated as a municipality. 

The Hollywood movie industry was born when a director and his crew, when filming in Los Angeles, decided to explore a little further out, in the small town of Hollywood. The first Hollywood movie, ‘In Old California’ was shot, and news spread through the movie world about what a great place Hollywood was in which to shoot movies. From there, more and more movies were filmed in the area, and thus the legend of Hollywood, how we know it today, was created.

A visit to Hollywood will be jam-packed with events and must-see sights. Aside from just being in such a renowned place, and knowing that celebrities who we only see on our TV sets started their careers in the very district in which you will be standing, there are plenty of things to do in Hollywood.

Firstly, there is the famous Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard. Here you can see more than 2,300 bronze stars with the names of actresses and actors. For a bit of non-stop fun, there is the Universal Studios Hollywood; a theme park featuring movie studios, tours, attractions, rides, restaurants and more. For some Hollywood education, the best place to go is the Hollywood Museum, with four floors of 5,000 displays. Lastly, there are numerous tours which will take you around to all the star’s homes. No, you can’t go in and say “Hi”, but it’s a fun tour nonetheless.

Hollywood; another world altogether.