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The Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland AnaheimAnaheim is the second largest city in Orange County, in the State of California.

Situated 28 miles south-east of Los Angeles, it is the tenth largest city in California. The city was founded in 1857, and the name, Anaheim, is German for ‘Anna’s Home’. The name Ana stems from the name of the Santa Ana river which runs nearby. The reason the city name is in German is because the primary settlers in the area were wine makers and grape farmers from Bavaria, Germany.

The name used for the area by local Spanish settlers ‘Campo Alemán’, which is Spanish for ‘German Camp’. Unfortunately, the grape industry was destroyed by pests in the late 1800’s, but this was soon taken over by other industries; oranges, lemons and walnuts.

The estimated population of Anaheim, from the 2000 census, was just over 328,000. Within this population resides a large proportion of both Caucasian and Latino citizens. There is a large diversity in the ethnic and cultural composition in Anaheim, which lends to make this city an interesting and open-minded city.

Anaheim Convention CenterAnaheim’s economy is largely based on tourism with the world famous Disneyland Resort being a major employer within the city. Disneyland attracts a huge amount of tourism, and so naturally, there is a never-ending supply of hotels and restaurants to tend to all these tourists. Anaheim really is a thriving community.

Of course not everyone’s idea of fun is going to Disneyland but there are still many other reasons to go to Anaheim. It is rich in history, it is an attractive city, and it boasts many other attractions, including; the Honda Center, the Grove of Anaheim, Anaheim Convention Center and the Angel Stadium of Anaheim.

Many famous names have been born in Anaheim or have lived there for some time, including; Gwen Stefani, Jeff Buckley, Tony Lewis and Joseph M. Acaba.

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