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Alhambra in California is located in Los Angeles County and is named, not after the great Alhambra in Granada, Spain, but after Washington Irving´s book, ´Tales from the Alhambra´. The city was incorporated in 1903 and is found in the San Gabriel Valley, which is one of the main valleys in southern California. The climate in the valley, and therefore in Alhambra, is very enviable, especially for those that love to soak up the sun. Summers are long and hot, and winters are very mild.

From downtown Los Angeles, a journey of just 8 miles will take you to Alhambra which is bordered by San Marino, South Pasadena, San Gabriel, Rosemead, Monterey Park, Monterey Hills and El Sereno. Over a period of many years, Alhambra experienced an influx of immigrants from Italy, China and Mexicans which gives the area a culturally diverse feel. In fact, there is a very active Chinese business district with Chinese supermarkets, banks, realtors, restaurants and shops. The current demographics of the area is made up of a mix of Chinese, White, African-American, Native American and Hispanic.

Staying in Alhambra whilst you explore Los Angeles County can make for a really excellent idea. Accommodation will be cheaper, you will be very near to downtown Los Angeles, and there is actually plenty to do and see in the district itself. There are a few theatres, Edwards Renaissance Stadium and Edwards Atlantic Palace, for example, where you can catch the latest movie releases. For live music and dancing, you can head to the Cuban Bistro, Azul Bar and Nightclub, Havana House, The Granada, and Shakas Restaurant.

For a little taste of culture, there are many museums and galleries to choose from, such as the Alhambra Historical Museum, Alhambra City Hall Art Gallery, Shorb Garden and Amor Art Gallery. And don´t forget that, staying here, you will be really near to Los Angeles city center, and all the treasures you can find there. With a wonderful name, great climate and close proximity to downtown Los Angeles, Alhambra is a great place to stay or visit.