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Agoura Hills

agoura hillsThe beautiful city of Agoura Hills has been described as the gateway to the stunning Santa Monica Mountains. It is located in Los Angeles county and is found approximately 10 miles west-northwest of Los Angeles city (30 miles from the actual center of downtown Los Angeles), which makes it an excellent place to go for some ´quite time` in between exploring the bigger cities in California. For years, the area was inhabited by Native American Indians, until the Spanish came and introduced a ranching culture.

Music is one thing which the Agoura Hills are is famous for, particularly from music groups which play a mix of rap and metal. In the 1980´s many music groups started forming as the children of the people that had settled in the hill started to grow up and delve in music. This wave of music growth died off slightly until again in the 1990´s a whole new wave of music lovers began to form groups and created fame for the area. Groups which have come out of Agoura Hills include Linkin Park, Underwood, Hoobastank, Delve and Fort Minor.

Those coming to Agoura Hills will probably come for one of three very valid reasons; the beautiful terrain, the famous music scene or to get out of Los Angeles city without having to travel too far. Upon arriving, however, visitors realize that there´s lots to do in the city! Firstly, you can visit Reyes Adobe Historical Site which is found in the first house built in Agoura Hills. Here, you can take a historical tour and learn all about the history of the area from a tour guide. This involves a trip around the house, exploring the various rooms as you go, visiting the grounds, and then also going to the barn which is where the museum can now be enjoyed.

An excellent idea, on your trip to Los Angeles County, may be to actually stay in Agoura Hills, using it as an exploration base for the whole county. Los Angeles City is within such short reach, and for those who enjoy  a more peaceful setting, you´ll find what you are looking for in this area. On the days when you don´t feel like taking transport anywhere, you can head off for a strenuous but relaxing hike in the nearby Santa Monica Mountains or simply take a walk around this very beautiful area.