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Sunny California, speckled with beaches, awash in great weather, brimming with cultural diversity, and well known for many of its sights, such as Hollywood, Disneyland and Sequoia National Park, is one of the top tourist destinations in the United States. Located on the West Coast of America, it is the country’s most populated state.

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California is a state with a great diversity of geography and is, by land area, the third largest state in the U.S. On California’s Pacific coast, there is a rich selection of beaches to choose from, both sandy and rocky. Further inland lies the Sierra Nevada, holding its proud claim to Lake Tahoe and, of course, Mount Whitney, which is the highest mountain in the contiguous United States. Desert areas such as Death Valley and the Mojave Desert are all to be found with California, as well the wonderful Sequoia forests, with their towering trees. A visitor to the state could spend a lifetime here and still not discover all it has to offer; indeed, I’m sure most of its natives haven’t even discovered half of it.

The climate of California is but one reason to visit the state, albeit a very persuasive one. Most parts of California experience a Mediterranean climate, with hot summers and cool winters, with the California Current often creating fog near the coastal areas. Generally, the further inland you go, the more extreme the weather can be; with hotter summers and colder winters. In Death Valley, temperatures can reach 130 °F (54 °C) in the summer and dip to 15 °F (-9 °C) in the winter. Naturally, with a trip up to the Sierra Nevada one can easily find snow and truly arctic temperatures. So, California really has it all in terms of weather, with a large degree of diversity within the State boundary.

For budding biologists or friends of nature, a wide variety of flora and fauna can be found in California. To start with, the largest, tallest and oldest trees in the world all live within the State. Head to Redwood National Park to see the tallest tree, ‘Hyperion’ and to Sequoia National Park to see the largest tree, ‘General Sherman’. In terms of fauna, the following stunning species can be spotted with a sharp eye; California Sea Lion, American Black Bear, Coyote, California Quail (the official state bird), California Condor, Bald Eagle, Mountain Lion, Southern California Kit Fox and many more magnificent creatures.

As for places to visit within California, you’ll find plenty of travel ideas here at Travel California. Here’s a few ideas; head to San Francisco to see the Golden Gate Bridge, have a blast at Disneyworld in Anaheim, visit Hollywood in L.A. to see the Hollywood stars, or spend a day trekking around Yosemite National Park to take in the true beauty of California.

Here, you can find information about traveling in the beautiful state of California. This site describes some of the best lodging, dining and attractions in many different areas of California, in order to help you decide where to stay and eat and what to do. A wealth of information can be found on the following pages to help you plan your trip and make reservations

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